Marketing Your Business in London

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Recent statistics have shown that there are roughly 16,000 business operating in London. Out of these, over 3,000 are SME’s all fighting to get their name out there and be recognised. Depending on your particular niche, you may have varying levels of competition. However, these stats show that the market is flooded with businesses trying to make it. That’s not to say you cannot join them, but keep these stats in mind when making a name for yourself in the capital.

Use professional help

As London is a thriving domain of business of activity, there are many professionals at hand. In fact, there are hundreds and hundreds of marketing agencies in London that can help with all aspects of marketing your business, from getting your business noticed on the internet through to posting flyers through people’s doors. The range of companies available in London ensures you can tailor a marketing campaign that suits your business.

Narrow down your market

London is a big, big city. The estimated population is around 7.7million. That is a lot of people. Not all of these people will need to use your services so there is no need to waste stupid amounts of money trying to target them all. If your business is targeting customers in a certain area of London, such as the South East, then using a marketing strategy that aims at that area only can save you money on your campaign. For example, if you want to promote your new restaurant, then start by trying to attract people who live in the area. They’ll be much more likely to pay you a visit and before long the word will get around and people will be flocking from all over the capital.

Consider localized advertising over national

When marketing your business, a considerable amount of money can be spent on advertising. The great advantage of London is that there are newspapers for almost every district. Papers such as the Ealing Gazette or Hampstead & High-gate Express are just two examples of many area specific papers in London. There are over well over 60 papers circulating around the capital. If you be smart, you can pick a few papers local to your area and advertise there. This will help you attract more relevant business if you operate locally and will cost you much less than choosing to advertise nationally.

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